Professional English

English for Lawyers

English for Lawyers (ILEC) International House offers a course in Legal English in order to prepare for the Cambridge International Legal English Certificate. ILEC is an advanced Cambridge ESOL examination which is recognised by leading associations of lawyers worldwide. It consists of four papers: reading, writing, speaking and listening, and is roughly equivalent in level to the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, although assessing language skills in a legal context.

The course will prepare you for the exam which may be taken in November. It also provides the professional skills required by legal practitioners, such as improving your ability to write common legal text types, understand legal periodicals and other commercial law documents and overall enhance your ability to comprehend and speak in a range of typical legal situations, such as client interviews and contract negotiations.

To see samples of the ILEC examination visit the Cambridge website

English for Bankers

English for Bankers (IFCE) Also known as International Certificate in Financial English (ICFE), this course helps prepare to get a high-level qualification that will help you demonstrate that you have the language skills for a successful career in international accountancy and finance

To see samples of the IFCE examination visit the Cambridge website